Top Dressing

Achieve that golf course look, on your lawn with our Top Dressing Services. Our knowledgeable staff will assess your lawns needs and create a care plan that will get your lawn looking great.

 We use top-dressing to smooth rough lawn areas and improve soil structures by adding a layer of sand or organic compost blends to your turf based on your lawn specific needs.

We recommend top-dressing following our over-seeding applications to help prevent desiccation during the establishment process and improve germination rates.


Core Aeration is used to break-up compacted soils and improve root development throughout the soil. Aeration can improve the effectiveness of top-dressing and fertilization.

Ask our Licensed professional about how to meet your Turfs specific Fertilization needs, to improve color and growth.


Ask our Horticulturalist about improvements
for your landscape.

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